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What is Digitizing

Digitizing or Punching : is the process of converting artwork into data containing commands that
tell an embroidery machine frame how to move through the machine operating system.

The word punching actually comes from the traditional jacquard embroidery machines which ran
by reading paper tapes with holes punched through them, these little holes represented code that the
machine could then interperet and move the machine frame accordingly.

In more recent times the process of punching is perfomed on a computer by using embroidery
software to recreate a design into a code which the machines can read. This commonly
involves working from a bitmap image (such as JPEG,BMP or GIF) ,the design is then created in
a way to ensure smooth running of the machine by keeping colour changes and thread trims to a

The price for this process is $1.00 per 1,000 stitches, if you send me a copy of your logo I will
get back to you with a quotation for Digitizing your design. I also have some stock designs
which may be of use to you, these are$15each + an additional $5 if you would like some text adding
to the design.